We walk you through the process and explain what you can expect when you build a luxury home in Park City with Germania construction

Mountain Luxury Home Ideas

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Mountain living might make you think of a rustic cabin in the woods with no electricity. We believe that while that may be a paradise for some, luxury shouldn’t come at the cost of location, which is why we specialize in cultivating the best luxury mountain home ideas. With dozens of projects under our belt, we’ve created a team that can take any request–from heated floors and a soaker tub to home theater and virtual golf–we can make those dreams come true. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort, aesthetic, or lifestyle to enjoy the beauty of the mountains when you work with Germania. This is why we’re one of the best custom home builders in Park City

Mountain Home Luxury

When you imagine enjoying the mountains in your custom luxury home, what scenes come to mind? Are you sitting in your living room with a roaring fire in your fireplace, with floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing the stunning views? Are you soaking in a bathtub complete with heated floors and a steam shower? Are you entertaining friends in a great room with built-in speakers, a butler’s pantry for catering, and a wine cellar to store your best bottles? 

Luxury mountain homes are different (and in our opinion, more interesting) than normal luxury homes. The considerations for a mountain home include more than just luxury features like double islands with waterfall edges. Luxury mountain homes need features like heated floors or a ski-in mudroom. 

Germania specializes in luxury components for mountain homes. We consider your lifestyle, family, and goals when we create your design. Whatever luxury means to you, Germania can make your luxury mountain home a reality.  

3 Mountain Luxury Homes We Love

We love every project, from our more contemporary styled homes to the more traditionally western homes. For more ideas and inspiration, you can visit our portfolio, but if you think luxury mountain homes are your ticket, check out a few of our favorite luxury mountain homes. 

Everything You Need (And Then Some!) At Deer Crest

Deer Crest is one of our favorite projects. This home let us flex our design and innovation muscles. Our clients wanted it all – multiple bunk rooms, in-home theater, home gym, virtual golf, wine storage, ski-in mudroom, and of course, great windows to showcase incredible views. We were thrilled with these requests! This project was an absolute delight to plan and build. 

This deck is one of our favorite places. We love these incredible, breathtaking views, and we wanted to make sure that the view wasn’t obscured by anything–so we broke up the railing with glass panels that let you enjoy the full panoramic view.

In this luxury home deck, we capitalized on the view.

Adding a home gym, virtual golf course, and an in-home movie theater took this home from nice to complete luxury. The convenience of having a gym, movie theater, and even a virtual golf course in your home makes it a complete oasis all in one location.

Featured here is a golf simulator. One of the many design elements to consider when building your dream house.
Germania Construction are the custom home builder professionals in Park City and surrounding regions. Featured here is a theater room with wainscotting and custom sconces to fit.
Even the design of your exercise room should receive attention. One of the many things to consider when choosing a luxury home builder.

Double bunk rooms make it easy to host guests. Sleeping so many people in a comfortable, stylish way was a priority for these clients.

When building and designing your own bedroom, consider everything from windows, views, and custom cabinet work.
Create your dream house bedroom with Germania Construction. Designed to fit your needs.

We love this ski-in mudroom, just off the main living spaces.

For this custom home design building, we built a ski room with individual lockers, custom cabinets, and boot dryers!
Design your own mansion dining room with Germania Construction. Beams, light fixtures, flooring…all of them are important aspects of luxury home design.
In this high end custom home living room by Germania, tongue and groove ceilings, stone fireplace with rustic mantle, and cabinetry design were meticulously crafted and designed.

Luxury In Every Corner At Empire Pass

Empire Pass was built to include stunning custom-built wine cabinets, a virtual golf room complete with a custom bar made of aspen wood, and a deep soaker tub with stunning views–all of these features were added to this custom luxury mountain home.

High end home builders
Professional custom homes
Luxury home wine room

This wine storage area is just off the main living space, making it easy to access your favorites without having to trek up and down the stairs.

Build and design your own house
Custom builders

This custom bar for the virtual golf room is one of our favorite features. Not only is it visually stunning, but this level of craftsmanship and customization screams luxury.

Build custom luxury home master bathroom
This floor plan features a luxury home kitchen floor plan in Park City Utah by Germania Construction. We've emphasized the fireplace and beams in this incredible kitchen.

Luxury Is In The Details At Deer Crest

Luxury is, in part, in-home movie theaters, two primary bedrooms, and butler’s pantries. But a huge component of what makes a home luxurious is in the details. These custom, quality details take a home from good to luxurious, and we love it when clients have ideas for how to add those details.

There's a lot Germania does that makes them the go to with building and designing your own living room. Check out the portfolio to learn more.
The little embellishments like being able to have fireplace doors open and close are just one of many nuances which make Germania one of the best custom luxury home builders.
Theater rooms are gaining in popularity. They are one of the many cool features we can execute on with your custom home construction.

We love the detail on this mantle. Not only does it showcase the client’s personal taste, but the craftsmanship adds unspoken luxury to the space.

For more ideas and incredible inspiration, check out the Germania portfolio where we offer more custom house design ideas for bedrooms and more.
These small, minute embellishments Germania adds is what makes them a top luxury home builder.
Custom sink in one of Germania's vacation homes in Park City Utah.

Details in the entryway shown here in the banister, circular stairway, and the chandelier elevate the space to a new level of sophistication.

For more custom home design building ideas, check out the Germania portfolio. Stairways, fire places, entry ways…we cover it all!
One of the custom lighting fixtures in a custom house by Germania
This stairway is just one example of thousands on why Germania is the premier mansion builder in Park City and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Germania For Your Mountain Luxury Home?

Luxury isn’t just an adjective, it’s a way of seeing the world. Our team of skilled designers offers unparalleled expertise in creating luxury mountain homes that we would live in. We craft homes that you will enjoy for years to come, utilizing our decades of experience to add every luxurious detail you can think of. We can take your ideas, add our own artistic eye, and create something unique and beautiful, giving you the life you want in the mountains without sacrificing comfort. This is what makes us the premier custom home builder in Park City. Contact us today to start crafting your dream luxury mountain home today!

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