Featured here is a soaker bath tub and adjacent walk in shower with bench. Did we mention this bathroom also has a walk out deck?!

Get Inspired By These Custom Home Bathrooms

Everything is coming together for your long-awaited custom home: the plot of land; the team of luxury builders; the

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, then the bathroom just might be the soul. It’s where you get away to relax, think, and have a moment of peace and zen before tackling the day, or where you unwind after you’ve been on the move for hours. Custom home bathrooms should reflect your personal style and fit your needs.

Designing luxury home bathrooms in Park City, Utah can be like creating a work of art. We try to take advantage of the location, the views, and the atmosphere while fitting each one to the needs of the people who will use the spaces, and that’s just one reason why Germania is the best custom luxury home builder in Park City.

Our Favorite Bathrooms From Our Team

If you’re not sure what your bathroom style is, or want some inspiration, we can help. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite unique bathroom designs below. And when it comes time to build your own bathroom, we can help there too. We will help you find your style and make sure it’s everything you’ve ever wanted while making the building process as easy as possible.

In this custom master bathroom, it's easy to appreciate every detail put in to this design.

Getaway Home

A luxury bathroom design that feels like you’re staying at a luxury resort? We’ll take it! This bathroom features all the comforts of home with all the feeling of a getaway.

High end custom home bathroom park city

Moody Greens

Drama. Drama. Drama. The dark wood and tile give this custom bathroom dramatic flare, while the clean lines and gold accents make it modern. Together, they warm this design up to make it approachable and unique.

This walk in shower with ample closet space and an area to hang towels and clothes is a nice addition for this custom bathroom.

Storage, But Make It Fashion

Some of the best bathroom ideas are where form meets function. This nook area looks great and doubles as practical storage too.

Thinking of building a custom luxury home? Your bathroom design is vital. What kind of vanity? Countertops? Germania Construction are the luxury home building experts.

Your Bathroom Your Way

Custom cabinetry transformed this space and allowed the owner to really make it their own. High-end bathrooms like this one often feature personal touches that elevate the space and give it a look all its own.

If thinking about designing your own mansion bathroom, check out the features here. This double shower with adjacent bathtub is one of a kind. For more ideas, visit the Germania portfolio.

Come One, Come All!

We don’t recommend gathering the whole family together in the bathroom, but it’s nice to know you could if you wanted to. This spacious shower has glass that’s open to beautiful outdoor views for a truly breathtaking experience.

Custom sink in one of Germania's vacation homes in Park City Utah.

From Wish to Wash

It’s all about the details, and this unique embossed pewter sink elevates the look of this luxury bathroom design you might expect to see in the fanciest of fancy bathrooms. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Build your dream house master bathroom park city utah

Splish Splash Oasis

A tub with a view is one of our favorite bathroom ideas. Everything about this design speaks to luxury and relaxation in this high-end modern bathroom.

Build custom luxury home master bathroom

Mountain Escape

This luxury bathroom design will transport you from the mountains of Park City to an Italian villa. The natural materials, rustic finishes, and custom lighting create an atmosphere so calm you might just forget where you are.

Featured here is a soaker bath tub and adjacent walk in shower with bench. Did we mention this bathroom also has a walk out deck?!
Dual sinks, stone slab countertops, custom sconces, and gorgeous views make creating a dream house master bedroom in your reach. This is just one of many examples of the craftmanship from Germania.

Room to Roam

Neighbors? What neighbors? Views for days and as much natural light as you can handle make this modern clean bathroom design a spacious oasis. Where does the bathroom stop and the outdoor beauty begin? It’s hard to say.

Stop Soaking And Start Building

At Germania, we’re ready when you are. For more inspiration on custom home bathrooms, check out the Germania portfolio. And when you want to talk about your design, give us a call. We love dreaming up possibilities and then making them come to life for you.

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